the Death Watch for Apple Computer

It was Estimated Seconds to Go, but if it's counting up as you watch it, I suppose now it must be Seconds into the Afterlife.

When I established this counter on Jan 1, 2000,  Apple was exhibiting many of the signs of a company in the process of "spiraling in".

Sorry, but that's the way I saw it. I wished it weren't true.

In the five following years, Apple has unquestionably pulled off a Still Here in their core business, and has managed to maintain and even enhance their reputation for innovation.  So here's what they did right, which kept them in the game.

So my prognosis - another 5 year plan ?  My crystal ball is cloudy.  I still perceive Apple as hanging on by their fingernails in their core (up to now) computer business, and they are not showing any signs of gaining market share.  It's certainly possible they can hang on at this level for a while more.   It's also possible the Ipod will mutate into the "new" apple core: appliances which happen to contain computers.  The possibilities are limitless - I-Tivo anyone?

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