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(updated 6/2013)
NotepadCrypt is a simple text editor based on Notepad2 with the added option of encrypting the contents of the files it edits.  Except when opening and saving files, refer to Notepad2's documentation.  Nothing has been changed.  If you read or write unencrypted files, nothing has been changed.  If you open an encrypted file, NotepadCrypt will prompt you for the passphrase.  When you save a new version of the file, it will be automatically encrypted using the same passphrase.   There is one new item on the file menu, "Set Encryption PassPhrase" which will let you change or remove the encryption. 

Like Notepad2, NotepadCrypt is a single small binary file which requires no installation.  Just put it anywhere you want and run it. (hint: keep a copy of notepadcrypt on your flash drive, along with a copy of your encrypted files).

In my mind, the biggest problem with encrypting your data is that if you forget your passphrase, either your data is permanently lost; or else the encryption wasn't very good to begin with!.  NotepadCrypt addresses this problem by allowing an additional master passphrase as a method of  emergency data recovery in case you have lost of forgotten your passphrase. 

NotepadCrypt uses well established, standards based techniques to encrypt its data, and it is open source, so you can be reasonably confident that the encryption method it uses is secure and there are no secret trapdoors.  The buzzword description of the encryption is "256 bit AES".  If you're interested in the details, or the source code, check the technical information page.

Current version, based on Notepad2 version 4.2.25
  Download NotepadCrypt (windows GUI text editor)
  Download NotepadCryptCl   (command line encryption utility using the same file format)

Version History and release notes.
Version 4.2.25 fixes a serious bug in previous versions, which resulted in a corrupt encrypted file if the original text length was between 17 and 31 characters.  My thanks to Nayuki Minase for finding and fixing this problem.  Aside from this bug fix, this release catches up to the current feature set of Notepad2, which includes support for Unicode and UTF8 files.
Advice about pass phrases, data security, and NotepadCrypt