Adventures while Playing Tantrix online

This tale refers to game  M!yeoduh-ddyer-2002-04-24-0101

Green to Move


One tile left!  Green must play somwhere, revealing the last tile, which (elementary counting shows) will fit in the worst possible place and join the Red lines.  There is no place to make the obvious RYR lookalike, the solution nust be to make a non-obvious lookalike for the last tile, anywhere else on the board.  But first, you have to figure out which  tile it is!

At the time, I correctly deduced (using my counting system) that the last tile is this one:
but sadly, my power of visualization failed.  I couln't visualize the tile and a place to trap it.  But one does exist!  Can you find it? The correct answer is here.  The point is, you can only do the right thing if you count, accurately, and then visualize the remaining tile.