Merry Christmas
this is the 1999 model


A new solution to a pressing problem: what to do with all those worthless CDs from our friends at AOL, Microsoft et. al. We all regret the shift from Recyclable floppy disks to otherwise-useless CDROMs. Useless until now.. This 1999 model is a real 3-d tree, which uses a lot more CDs, and also is a lot harder to design and build than the original 1997 model.
Under the hood; we designed this construction using a nifty toy called coiinstruction to play with various possibilities.


a peek back at 1997 
Another CDRom enhanced Christmas Tree
More CD solutions:
If your disposal problem is not too severe, you might try Handicrafts 
If you're into purely creative destruction, try Microwaves.
A table centerpiece, also using CoinStruction, with instructions
A CD glitter ball

Thanks to Richard Greenberg for providing vast numbers of CDs from his slush pile, as well as Dan and Joy Gaylord for more modest contributions, and to Irene for finding CoinStruction, and to Steve Rotblatt for much of the inspiration for the final design.


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