Dave Dyer's Go Program

First off, it doesn't play yet, and possibly never will. The playing ability of all existing programs is pathetic, and the world doesn't need another contender in that class. So, if I ever say it plays, it will be a credible player. Until then, it doesn't play.

Some additional documents, of interest to programmers

Go Applets

A Java applet that plays perfectly, for a limited class of Tsumego problem that is known to my shape libray (see the list of papers below).
It's a general tool for studying an interesting class of tsumego problems.

Go Playing papers

One of the most advanced features of my program is it's ability to score completed games, including automatically determining which stones are dead. The "rock bottom" of my life and death algorithm uses a shape library, which knows a lot about fundamentals of live and dead shapes, but scoring also depends on using a general problem solver, based on game tree searching techniques.

I've done lots of work on global evaluators. The results are not encouraging.

Game Library papers

I collect games, both for general reference and as a source of data for the playing program. At present, this collection consists of over 6,500 professional games, which I store in a relational database. I have some fairly elaborate tools for finding games-of-interest in the database, including a scheme for game signatures that I hope will be be adopted by all game collections.

I build joseki and fuseki dictionaries, from this large collection.

Some additional links, I just couldn't resist including

  • Extra Go commentaries from Bob Terry (and Nemesis demos)
  • Experimental, electronic re-issue of American Go Extra
  • Information how to make go diagrams automatically invoke a helper application from your web browser

  • Go around the Ring

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