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My Guide to Free Web Photo Albums

I'm also running a subproject to evaluate the prints these sites will sell you, with some interesting and slightly disturbing results.

My "how to" advice, and other helpful Photo-bits.

Is it worthwhile to buy expensive full spectrum lights for slide viewing? Compare and judge for yourself.

a comparison of seven different methods to digitize slides; using a copier attachment for a flatbed scanner, using a digital camera to photograph them directly, or using a purpose built slide scanners.

some advice about wide angle adapters for digital cameras.

Does PhotoCD deliver the bits? I sent a USAF 1951 test chart through the process.

I've written a FAQ about using simple slide duplicators, such as the "Cambron Zoom Slide duplicator".

I've shot caves several times, including Carlsbad Caverns. Here are my recommendations for shooting in caves.

Shooting a solar eclipse is not hard if you're there when the sun and moon line up.

Preparing stereo pairs of images for web viewing is not hard, in either Anaglyph (red-green) or Interlaced fomat.

And I'm fortunate enough to be able to mix business and pleasure.  Much of my paid work is writing photography-related filters for Photoshop.  Among my projects are filters to correct barrel distortion, to simulate light sources to produce realistic shadows, and to create digital simulations of soft focus lenses.  For the details see my work page.

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